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Find Tranquility in Your New Bathroom

Posted by Ro Wyman on Apr 27, 2017 10:47:57 AM
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The ideal bathroom is a wonderful place to relax after work or recharge for the day ahead. Accordingly, today’s designers are moving towards a soothing, natural, and elegantly simplistic look. Gone are the days of aggressive Tuscan red and Provincial, which tend to overwhelm the bathroom; cool neutrals in various shades of grey are trending instead. Whereas it was once popular to have warm base colors with cooler accents, customers now are moving towards cool base tones with pops of warm toned ornamentation throughout the room. However, these variations will be subtle, as befits a place of tranquility. Right now, homeowners are seeking understatement.

tranquility bathroom remodel lighting renovation tile shower backsplash


Multiple ambient light sources are currently popular and can be tempered to create a soft glow equally appropriate for getting ready in the morning or reading in the bath.


Speaking of baths, freestanding tubs, available in a variety of styles and materials, are a fixture that today’s consumers are gravitating towards. They highlight the best features of the room, opening up the space and directing attention to a beautiful view, for example, or natural light streaming in from outside. While the streamlined look of modern bathrooms can seem severe to some, a freestanding bath is made for luxury and self care; its presence warms a room.


If long soaks in the tub aren't your thing, frameless glass enclosures are an exceedingly popular alternative. Like a freestanding tub, a frameless shower opens the space of a room, drawing in and taking advantage of natural light. The inherent sleekness of the design helps to make a small space feel spacious. Extraordinarily versatile, frameless glass doors can do anything from showing off tile work you love to merging traditional and contemporary elements within one room.

At Cabinetry Concepts, we are ready to recommend styles that suit your personal needs. If any of these trends intrigue you, let us know, but we are equally prepared to sidestep what is trendy for what looks good and especially what our clients prefer. Let us help you create a bathroom or kitchen you delight in.

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